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Posted by hankscorpio on January 15, 2009



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DirecTV the National Leader in Bullshit HD Hype

Posted by hankscorpio on September 7, 2008

Never has a company promised more and delivered less then DirecTV in 2008.  With the launch of D11 we were promised 150 HD channels; well we’re at 134 right now; but they’ve gotten there with PPV.  They announced in 2007 that PBS HD would be added in 2008, here we are only about 15 weeks left and absolutely no sign of PBS HD being added (none of the local PBS facilities have been contacted by DirecTV) and only promises of “soon” from DirecTV.

It’s a good product, I’m not complaining that DirecTV’s HD offering is light, but that the hype their PR department uses is absolute outright lies; nothing but pure bullshit.  When you use filler channels like regional sports channels (most of which have no content) and PPVs (often duplicates showing the same movie) you’re gaming the system in claiming 134 HD channels.  And if you have no plans on adding a channel in a given year don’t fucking make the announcement the year  before; is it really that hard to not be full of shit?

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The Sarah Palin Interview

Posted by hankscorpio on September 7, 2008

The McCain campaign has been reticent (trying to avoid) about letting the evil media ask Sarah Palin actually questions.  They had three real options: 1. Continue to avoid letting her take part in sit downs and jump start a new round of questions about her capability.  2. Let her do an interview with Fox News and admit that she can only handle the sort of fawning butt kissing that a GOP candidate gets from Fox.  Or 3. Find a member of the non Fox MSM that will provide a fawning butt kissing interview.

Charlie Gibson come on down!

Anybody saw the debate on ABC between Obama and Clinton hosted by Gibson and George Stephanopoulos knows that Charlie has a soft touch for the ladies.  That or he really just doesn’t like Obama; at any rate, I think we can rest assure that Charlie won’t be asking Palin the sort of questions that the McCain camp fears.  You know questions like “why did you flip flop on the bridge to nowhere” or “why do you insist on calling snowmobiles snow machines?  What are you Canadian?”  No instead I’m guessing Charlie will reach deep down and find his inner Colbert when interviewing Gov. Palin, observe:

“Gov. Palin: great mother, or the greatest?”

“Admit it, you should have won Miss Alaska?”

“If you were selling me on eBay, how would you describe me?”

“If I was you child what eccentric name would you give me?”

So clearly we can all expect that the enigma that is Sarah Palin to be decoded by Charlie Gibson.

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An Open Letter

Posted by hankscorpio on April 8, 2008

This is an open letter to all the amateur poets, songwriters and movie directors; and well also the cable news networks.


Don’t feel the need to email me (and a couple of hundred/thousand other Democrats) your poems about Senator Obama, or your songs about Hillary.  They’re dreadful, simply terrible.   And why CNN and others feel the need to punish ups by showing them is beyond me.  Nobody needs to hear a middle aged man calling himself “Kid Brooklyn” yelling for a minute and a half about how he should be vice president.

So in conclusion, please I beg of you, feel free to keep your hidden “talents” hidden and to yourself.  We’ll both be happier in the long run.



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There’s A Word For This: Extortion

Posted by hankscorpio on March 15, 2008

There’s really no other way to describe the behavior of Hillary’s donors. The Democratic leaders in Michigan and Florida both knew full well the consequences of their actions if they moved their primaries ahead of New Hampshire and Iowa, and shouldn’t act surprised that the DNC held its ground (though I’ll admit that does go against type for the party) on this issue.

What her backers don’t want to mention is how she came to win those states; or her lack of party unity on the way to said victories. Every major candidate withdrew their names from Michigan, except Hillary, and Obama didn’t campaign in Florida. Now they’re claiming that these banana republic-esque votes should be counted as legitimate contests, and that we should ignore the fact that on issues where the national party showed unity she choose to be opportunistic.

The latest twist is Hillary’s donor demanding their money back, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money given knowing that the primaries were in violation of DNC rules, money given known that the primaries would not count. The message is clear, if Hillary can’t beat him following the rules, you had damn well better write new ones. Which is ultimately the reason Obama has done so well against her in this election; her win at all cost mentality makes it clear that this isn’t about the country, it’s about her getting what she thinks is rightfully hers, what she considers owed her.

We owe her nothing.

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How About Them Cowboys? (Denial Edition)

Posted by hankscorpio on January 21, 2008

So you may have noticed I haven’t blogged about the Cowboys (or for that matter McLaren) in awhile.  Why?  I’m a sore fucking loser that’s why.  I could blog about Butler, but I get a little to wrapped up to do that rationally.  So it’s probably gonna be politics until the F1 season comes around.

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Internet Killing Fields

Posted by hankscorpio on January 21, 2008

So there apparently have been some shakeup at Wonkette, the Gawker site devoted to politics. Why? It really hasn’t been said, but Greg Wasserstrom (who wrote the morning round up among other things), Liz Gorman (their photog and stunt woman, by DC standards) and editor Megan Carpentier were all let go in the same week.

This is interesting in that Gawker is one of the first media companies that exists solely as a collection of blogs; no hard website or old media ties, just a diverse collection of blogs. They’re advertising driven and rely upon page hits to generate income. Some are more successful then others, but Wonkette has always been a vanity name plate; well known in political circles but generating fairly low page counts (around 150,000 compared to 600,000 for Jalopnik and 3,000,000 for gizmodo.)

So what does this mean? Probably very little, given Wonkette’s level of notoriety and the lack of involvement by founder Ana Marie Cox one would have to assume it’s peaked for the near term. Unless there is another major scandal it can get out in front of (i.e. Washingtonienne, Mark Foley scandal), it’s hard to see how these firing will lead to any sort of revival. But one does have to question whether or not it will continue at the same level of quality. Why at this point would anybody with skill take the job knowing that unless a Senator is caught with a goat in his office you’re probably not going to be able to generate the page views to keep the job?

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Thank You Roger Goodell

Posted by hankscorpio on December 17, 2007

What for? Suspending Roy Williams one game for horse tackling McNabb yesterday.

Thank you?

Yes, Roy is horrid in coverage, if you see somebody getting burned over the top, it’s going to be Roy. He is without question a spectacular hitter and would make a pretty fierce weakside linebacker (as long as he didn’t have to drop into coverage often) but he’s an average at best DB.

As for Romo stinking up the joint in front of Jessica Simpson, yesterday was a team effort in suck and pretty much a continuation of the Lions game really. For most of the season the Cowboys have had a “only the fourth quarter matters” attitude and while you can pull that off against a Lions team in free fall; the Eagles still have enough talent to put together a game here and there. And if they’re going to put it together, you’d better bet it will be against the Cowboys.

Still for Cowboys’ fans there isn’t much to complain about, Wade has brought a sense of peace and with that focus to the team. Jason Garret has proven to be at least so far an offensive genius in waiting and high on the list of potential head coaches next year. Hopefully the Eagle game will renew the focus of the offense and get them moving in the right direction again.

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Status Check

Posted by hankscorpio on October 26, 2007

Cubs swept?  Check

Hamilton blown the world championship?  Check

Cowboys ran over by the Patriots?  Check

Absolutely no idea what’s going on in this election?  Check

At least Layer Cake was brilliant.  Yeah, I just finally got around to seeing Layer Cake.

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Do The Cubs Know It Isn’t Best Of 15?

Posted by hankscorpio on October 5, 2007


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